Hello friends,

I have posted this topic in the OC forum, but nobody cared about answering...

I have got a very strange problem with the USB expansion card and two Mastercards connected to it.

- The following inputs on the Mastercards are physically set to "ON" (jumpered with a piece of wire):
-Then I start Controlador
-Now I Switch on Input 72 (with a piece of wire)
I get:
(72 shows up - okay)
-Click "Reset" in controlador
I get:
(72 shows up, that's okay, but where does 107 come from?)
-Switch off Input 72
I get:
(72 is gone, that's okay, but 107 stays?)
Click reset
I get:
(107 is now gone, too.)

So, when I start SIOC with Input 72 switched on, I always get a fake Input 107. That's VERY annoying.
Can anybody help, comment on or confirm this problem?

Best regards!