Hi, how have others overcome this?

I have recently configured my Simparts 737 TQ (more or less
as the servos are behaving crazy, so guess ill use it un
motorized for the time being. But my problem now is that PM
System seems to be overriding the Fuel Cut off switches of the TQ..

I used to have the Fuel Cut off via PM system, i used two
surplus switches on the overhead via Phidget but now the fuel
cut of is from the actual TQ on its own set of phidget card.

If using a default a/c it works ok, but when using PM Sys it does not.

Is there any workaround here that anyone can recommend as it
seems that the fuel cut off on PM system has the upper hand..

I emailed Project Magenta about this and their sugguestion is copied below. is this the only solution?

Hello Peter,
I assume the TQ is using the FS cutoff valves directly. Can you re-configure
it to use the pmSystems ones?