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Thread: Does anoyone have an X-Plane based setup?

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    Re: Does anoyone have an X-Plane based setup?

    Hello there, I am currently building a GA sim based on X-Plane. Two computers, a "master" running xplane for out the window visuals and a "slave" for want of a better word, running FlyThisSim panel software and a second copy of xplane in order to output an IOS screen. The two computers are networked using a crossover ethernet cable LAN setup. I was pleasantly surprised at how easily both programs on the slave hooked right up with the master. Right now I have only one large monitor hooked up to the master machine but I intend to eventually go to a Matrox THTG setup. In researching the THTG is seems that the max resolution available from the THTG is best served by three monitors that are 16:10 screen aspect ratio. These monitors are available if a little unusual but seemed to be the best fit with the Matrox max resolution. There are lists out there of monitors that work with Matrox, i.e. support the resolutions put out by the Matrox without distortions, etc. I don't believe that there is any problem with xplane and Matrox. If whatever video card you have will feed the Matrox, things should work out. Both computers are Windows 7 64bit. I'm a Mac guy through and through and have been flying xplane on macs forever. I went with Windows on the simulator because of the frustrations of hooking up lots of USB devices (yoke, TQ, pedals, goflight modules) to the Mac. Everytime the Mac was turned on and off the "load order" of the USB devices changed necessitating reprogramming all the axes/buttons etc. Just wouldn't work on any kind of sim; so far not a problem with the two Windows boxes. I'll try to update as time goes on, good luck with yours !


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    Re: Does anoyone have an X-Plane based setup?

    I too am using X-Plane, Check out my posts for specs. I also post at X-Plane .org and, would love to see some photos of your Fly This Sim Panel, and set-up. There are other workarounds for multiple displays and IOS rendering.....

    I am not too familiar with MACs but there are aq plane load of guys at that use macs, maybe they could help you with your USB issues?

    For windows I am sure it is as simple as saving your XSUIPC .cfg file and reloading it after you plug your USB
    back in the same receptacle......

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    Re: Does anoyone have an X-Plane based setup?

    two things:
    1. completely rebuilding "simulator" maybe take a look at

    2. Is there a possibility to control Phidget LED 64 or a similar LED Board that is connected to my Mac. I just thought about the annunciators and found out that the Phidget Xplane Plug In is Windows only :O I am stuck a bit.... (those are only wise forward looking plans as I am building the MIP right now)

    please help me,

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