Hi all Cockpit Builder,

I'm Julien MOREAU from France, and I built my own A320 cockpit at home with the Cockpit Sonic solutions.

All is working really fine, except for two small things :

- One is the autobrake system
- Second is the Spoilers system

For the Autobrake, when I'm pushing any button on the panel, nothing happen on Flight Simulator. Even if i push Low, Med, or Max boutons, no lights appear on the button and nothing happen happen on the project magenta ECAM.

For spoiler, it's working for the manual position. That's mean if I move the lever down I can see and Flight Simulator recognize the extraction of the Spoilers.

However, if I move the lever into the ARM position, it's not recognized by Project Magenta and Flight Simulator.

So, I use this wonderful forum, hoping to find a solution for these two issue.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide me on this two things.

Kind Regards