Good morning!

Another cockpit builder (well, my and my First Officer!) here from Gran Canaria (Canary Island, Spain) trying to make something like a 737-800.

By now, we are starting flying to test the hardware and software we have...

Project Magenta
CPFlight EL (rs232) MCP and EFIS
TQ Throttle (Non-motorized)
Flight Deck Solution MIP (2x19" TFT and 1x15" for EICAS)
Go Flight Rudder pedals
Some goflight push buttons and switches on the pedestal
Temporaly saitek yoke

FSX without any addons yet (but with SP2, of course)

FSX running on I7 930@4Ghz with ATI 5870 in eyefinity with 3x47" LG LCD TV
Magenta on Q8600 with 2x ATI 5550 for the 3 magenta monitors.

...and very glad to found this forum where Ive found the solution for very much of our issues and troubles. Thanks to all the forum for this!