Hello everyone!

I hoping to build my own pit as soon as kids start moving out and I get one spare room. Flying mostly DCS A-10C beta at the moment. The story so far: I've built a very modest desktop cockpit for the A-10C with lots of toggle switches (a BU0836 card), the new HOTAS Warthog of course and the Cougar MFD panels. I've also built an instrument panel with 8 GoFlight modules for the FSX.

I'm currently trying to find interface software, so I could get the A-10C annunciators and lights to work too. Any and all tips greatly appreciated if someone could just point me to the right direction. I know ED supports DCS: Black Shark so there is hope for me.

I've got pics but at the moment there is nothing special to show, it's just overpriced hardware and a simple switch panel. (Ok, if you ask, I will, of course...)