It's been a couple of months since I've publicly thank you for your donations. Although, I write to you personally to thank you. I'm extremely grateful.

I want to thank the 5 people that have made donation(s) to MyCockpit during the month of October.

I not only I thank you, but I thank you in behalf of the (now) 70,000+++ who use this site, so they can build their dream.

Thank You!!!!

I want to add, some of our donations are from non-members and I appreciate them coming forward to donate. Then there are members (not even a hand full) that donate monthly.

What surprises me, out of over 60,000 people who frequent our site have not made one donation. I don't really expect everyone to donate, but 71 out of over 60,000???? We've had one vendor make two donations.

Advertisers are reluctant to advertise during these difficult times. Although most say they don't have to. BUT, where do you (the users of MyCockpit) find out about the vendors products? YES, right here. (free advertising and non-supportive to

We've got expenses, one example: Server lease and management for one year is approximately $4,000. That's just part of the many expenses to run MyCockpit and it's programs. We've been able to keep the expenses at a minimum, but as MyCockpit continues to grow, so does our expenses.

We need your help and donations, please.

Matt Olieman