I have been searching and looking at all the I/O cards out there and basically want to ask YOU guys whats the best of the best.

Im building a 747-400 , Currently im re doing a 747-100 TQ ,
I have one gear for a chain drive that i would like to run a DC motor on.. For Auto throttle.

And i would like to Motorize the Speed brake lever with a servo.

As far as the DC motor go's im looking at using a Cessna type roll/ pitch motor. Or something equally strong and slow..

For the servo, Just something simple from Phidgets.

Now im also going to be adding 4 pots for the throttles. and 1 for the speed brake, Flaps im going to do with switches.

So, my question. What board.

I see nothing but good for the BU0836X as far as Pots and switches go, But if i got that, could i use Open cockpit USB DC motors card [2T15] along side it?

Or should i use the Phidgets motor controller...?

I want something tuff! Reliable and easy to work with.

Let me have your opinions please.