I'm planning on building a motorised throttle quadrant for the PMDG MD-11. So far I've got all my interfacing hardware sorted out. I'm using a Bodnar BU0836A card for inputs and a Phidgets AdvancedServo-8 controller for the servos. I'm not using FS2Phidgets as I would like to have complete control over the code, so I've written my own C# app interfacing to FSUIPC and Phidgets.

I'm using 3 non-standard offsets to check for autothrottle engagement and disengagement. I don't think that my current logic caters for all ATS scenarios, but I'm still experimenting. If there's anyone out there with more info w.r.t. when the throttles are clamped and when you should and shouldn't be able to move them then it would be great to hear from them.

But now I need some help with the construction of the actual throttle quadrant. Does anyone know what the dimensions (more or less) are of a MD-11 throttle quadrant? Any schematics etc.?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.