Hello all you GA Sim builders!

SimAVIO version 1.1.1204 is not available today! This version is required to support new features on the Cirrus and Piper Avidyne Entegra. If you own the Avidyne panels, you should upgrade to version 1204. New features on the Avidyne panels include a flight plan catalog for saving and retrieving flight plans. A second Garmin GNS430W GPS was added to complete the avionics stack. In addition to the many obvious advantages, the second GPS unit has an auto cross-fill from the top GPS unit.

Please watch this short four minute video showing the Cirrus SR22 in action flying with the Avidyne Entegra, Garmin GNS430W, and STEC 55X autopilot flying from North Las Vegas to Monterey. It will conclude with a fully coupled GPS WAAS approach on 28R at Monterey.

The original inspiration for FlyThisSim is available in the release of a fully integrated IFR capable, Avidyne Integra MFD and PFD, Garmin 430W WAAS capable GPS and STEC 55X rate based fully coupled autopilot simulation for Cirrus aircraft.

The system simulates the Cirrus SR20, 22 and 22T aircraft. Each FTS instrument panel is configured with correct aircraft parameters for Va, Vx, Vy, Vne, Fuel loads etc. The Cirrus Compact Panel fits the equipment required for IMC flight into the correct relative positions. Its all been tested by some of the most qualified Cirrus pilots in the world and we have used their input to refine the simulation.

US Airspace
US Topographical Map
IFR Navigational Database including all available WAAS approaches (updatable by subscription)
Aircraft checklists on MFD
Engine and systems monitoring page
WAAS approaches with turn and hold entry prediction on 430W, PFD and MFD
PFD simulation with flight plans and approaches displayed
55X Autopilot simulation capable of fully coupled approaches, including holds, procedure turns, glideslopes and missed approaches
And so much more

The WAAS capable 430W simulation is the heart of the system distributing flight plans, turn anticipation, hold prediction, holds, approaches, missed approaches, glideslopes, position and status data to the MFD, PFD and the 55X.

The 55X modifies X-Planes autopilot to provide an authentic simulation of GPSS, HDG/NAV, ALT/VS and glideslope capture, specifically so that flight plan intercepts, approach and missed approach procedures can be practiced and learned. (Remember: Every approach ends in a missed approach).

Our original inspiration has been satisfied. But we don't stop there. Find out more at Cirrus Compact Panel and 430W details