It's certainly not to the level everyone else is doing, but for squeezing in building and flying in between a full time job, casual college classes, and volunteer firefighting, I'm somewhat proud of what my pit is turning out like.

I used plans from to build the shell to my cockpit. I'd really like a fully enclosed cockpit, but this'll do for now. When painting and decals are finished, it's supposed to loosely represent an F4U corsair. The pit is used for whatever fancies my muse on the particular day. Usually Wings of Prey, IL2, Yankee Air Pirate 2, and FSX for a nice relaxing day of tooling around in a Bellanca Decathalon.

The Simpit in all it's Glory. Yes, that is a middle console seat from a mid 2000's Silverado. It was free. As was the Saitek X45 someone was going to junk at my father-in-law's place of employment (yes, my father in law is that cool!) Oh, Yes. That's a Heathkit SB-101 HF Ham Radio in the background on the file cabinet. I am a man of too many hobbies.

The panel is a purchase from This $130 controller has more than fit my needs. I am considering transplanting my Bodnar board into it.

Speaking of Bodnar board, The rudder pedals are Thrustmaster Elite, picked up at an area thrift store for $8!!!! They are currently the only thing running off the bodnar board, but like I said, it's probably going into the Combat Console at some point.

Finishing it off, I have a Playstation EyeToy camera and a TrackIR track clip pro running the head tracking, using

I am looking to upgrade to a larger monitor in the future. I am also planning on doing some paint changes. I do know the dash and top will no longer be primer white; going to a matte black instead.

The sim is named "Milk Cart" after the nose art. It's a winged Bernese Mountain Dog, playing on the "Flying Tigers" (Hey, Berners are cool, but goofy... kind of like myself!) Bernese Mountain Dogs were regularly used to haul carts of milk into market in the Swiss Berne mountains.

Haven't really decided where else to go from here. After we get moved into the new house, I'd like to find a way to enclose it. Not sure how I am going to accomplish that, yet.

So Folks, I'd be glad to hear what you think. I am hungry for ideas on what to do with it next.