I have posted my problem under Phidgets, however I thought I'd take a chance and post it here to...hopefully more will see it. I just purchased a Phidgets led64 advanced and when I tried to ad it to my existing program (FS2Phidgets 4.3.15) it wiped the entire program out...I mean I lost all my lights and TQ. So being naturally pissed-off I eliminated the FS2Phidgets program and downloaded the newer version. Went to the Phidgets website and downloaded the latest library and drivers. Opened up the new progam and it recognized all cards.....but......how in the heck do you assign functions to the leds, and TQ. The old program was easy, you just put the cursor over the box to asign, clicked, and it brought up a list to chose the item you wanted to assign. This one DOES NOT. Anyone using the new program, and how do you assign? . I already know I'm in deep crap, there (as you know) are over 100 leds in the overheads( I have both) alone. All help will be GREATLY appreciated. Dave McKee