I am using CTS-288 rotary encoders for a number of functions in my B-17 cockpit, and although they work they are not accurate. I have to look at the onscreen switch when I turn the knob to see where it lands.

I have read Ian's: http://www.737ng.co.uk/simple%20encoder.pdf
and it looks like it will solve my problem. Excellant site by the way!

In the document it states that a 2 pole 6 position rotary switch has a range of 6 steps. The functions that I want to do this for are as follows:

Magnetos: Off-L-R-Both (4 steps)
Primer: Off-1-2-3-4 (5 steps)
Cowl Flaps: Close-Locked-Open (3 steps)
Fire Ext: Inboard-Outboard-Off-Outboard-Inboard (5 steps)

I have to order the rotary switches, so I want to make sure that I order the right ones.

My question is, can I use a 2 pole 6 position rotary switch using Ian's method for all of these functions, and would this be the correct type of switch?


Thank You