just wondering if anyone has tried or know of these products and how they compare to the usb monitors.

I basically have have 4 monitors atm on 1 pc. A GTX480 Nvidia card + TH2GO, 3 monitors for fsx sim, other monitor in the 2nd vga is overhead panel.

I need to add 2 more small 10" monitors for FSX PFD and MFD.
But I am limited on my budget and do not want to see shocking FPS drops with the USB touchscreen monitors which eat at cpu power.

my current system is a i7 930 at 4.30ghz oc.

and my fsx currently gets around 18-25+ with a captain sim 767-300 in areas such as fsdreamteams KJFK with traffic.

so I am worried 2 usb monitors will eat those Frames away.

any help appreciated