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New Polling and a New Best of
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Thread: New Polling and a New Best of

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    New Polling and a New Best of

    Hey everyone,

    I've been looking at the polls and the monthly builders entries, and then I got to thinking. Why not have a companies "Best Customer Support Person" and/or "Best Sales Person" or” and/or "Best Staff Person" of the month?

    We could do this by evaluating what interaction members have positively encountered with a particular person from said company and how this interaction reflects on the person in question. In example, the person in question would have to meet a certain percentage out of 10 point questions. We’d then have 10 questions that would make the top or total 100% of the scale and 0% is the lowest of course.

    Another way is for the member, who had this great interaction or event occur, could post in a special category in the forums, but it would be closed to rebuttals because everyone’s opinion is different and their perception of a positive versus a negative event would be bias from those opinions. In other words, I’d like to see this as a nice way of saying thank you to some of the people us MYC members interact with when purchasing Flight Simulation Hobby/Products from all these companies that have been out there for many years or the ones that are just now popping everyone.

    Finally, this concept of giving credit to where credit is due serves two major purposes:

    First, “Word of Mouth” advertising is the best advertising there is, so these monthly awards ideas puts that concept right in there. Us MYC members (people) will talk and talk and talk about a company both good and bad. It's preferred to reveal the good over the bad, but normally the bad things get said first.

    Second, we’d get a lot of information on these companies and even the new companies that are popping up. Since there are many members who might’ve interacted with a new company, but yet, I believe there is equal amount of MYC members who might not even heard of said company. So, the MYC members who share their positive revelations will help the rest of us in when deciding to buy this or that, and from who, or where.

    In fact, it would be nice to do something like an “Angies List” style of reporting for Flight Simulation in general; maybe, later down the line this could be done.

    Here is link to Angies List to give you an idea:


    Please post your thoughts and if Matt thinks this would be a good idea, he’d likely decide it based on what all of us reply to him with. So, it’s your much needed 2 cents time to speak up right now...


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    Re: New Polling and a New Best of

    Good Idea John, I willing to consider this suggestion, with some modifications. Let us wait and hear some feedback from others too on this.