hello everybody!

Firstable sorry about my poor english. I have been reading for a long time this forum , so I decided to begin my project.

I have 3 computers with windows 7 64bits, 8 gb RAM , Q980i processors etc...nvidias 480, and some similar
next friday will reach home my new 737NG SST (single seat trainer) , overhead PRO platinum edition all this from Sismo solutions. Orion and L4SC software.

for visuals I have a Epson projector 5000 series with 1980-1080 HD definition in a 2,30 x 1,80 meters screen

IŽm sure that iŽll have so many questions to make in this next weeks, so I hope everything go OK and will post some photos for you.

nice fights and thanks !

Aitor Alonso