Hello, I am very glad I found this site!
I am just getting started in the planning phase and my design has changed several times already. At first it was going to be a 777 design. But, then I thought about some of the limitations thast a 777 could have on the 737, 757, 767, and 747 that I fly. So, I decided to make a generic cockpit that I could use to service all of these planes. So, the MIP will be like the 777 as the layout is comparable to the 73,4 and 7. I have been told that you can use 1 23" LCD monitor for 2 spots? The overhead will most likely be a 22" touch. That way I can place the overhead of the plane I am flying there. I plan to put a touch pad, like the 777, in the center console so if I need a right click, I can have it. My display plans to be projection on a curved screen. So, the windowed mode I will have to run for the overhead touch can be accounted for. Throttle will be FS controls TQ twin for now. I also plan to put a monitor in the center console for FSInn, ASE and chart access. Now I use my laptop over my network.

My planes are FS9 PSS 757, 777 LvlD 767 PMDG 744 FSX PMDG 744. I do not use FSX much b ut, the plan entails a super computer with the money I hope to save. Yes, I said "hope".

With that being said. I found the VRinsight MCP, and from what I have read, it seems to be working better with driver and software updates. I am also thinking about their CDU II, that is supposed to be more like an FMC than the first one. My question is, can I run this MCP from a remote computer like the FDS and others? Can I run the FMC from another computer also?
What are you using for software to link the machines together and get it all working properly?
And, is Project Magenta just for the MIP panels and FMC? Or, are there other capabilities there?
Lastly, Will project Magenta work with the VRinsight CDUII, that is supposed to be P-n-P.

Oh, one more. What software does Engravity use for P-n-P?

Many thanks and I am glad to be here.