Found this earlier today when I was seeing what people had posted from the Farnborough Air Show. I went on the public days and sadly it's nowhere near as good as the trade days. No open aircraft other than the A380 (and a two-hour queue for that), although you could queue to get a ten-minute tour of the US DoD section (they had an F15, an F16, an F18, a C130 and a couple of Hueys, among others) with some friendly NCOs. The display flying was spectacular but it didn't make up for the disappointment of finding out that the Boeing 787 Dreamliner prototype had already flown out before the public got anywhere near it.

Those lucky trade attendees there on the first day got to go on board and have a good nose around. Here's a nice HD video taken in the cockpit and focusing on the MIP and controls. I daresay anyone thinking about building a 787 pit will want to take stills from this.

This channel has a bunch of other vids of the 787 landing, taxiing and some interior video in the cabin. This is the test aircraft, not a production airframe, so the interior isn't exactly reflective of what you'd see if you flew on one for real, but it's all interesting...