Hello All

I've been using FS9 (off and on, but not seriously) for a few years. I recently built a new computer for FSX with the aim of getting more serious about the hobby.

Here is what I currently have:
- FSX Gold (no third-party add ons)
- Computer (built myself; it has an Intel i5 750 CPU overclocked to 3.8 Ghz, 4 Gb memory, XFX ATI 5770 video card, WD Caviar 1 Tb hard drive, 64 bit Windows 7 Pro)
- Dell 24 inch 1080p LCD monitor
- Old 17 inch CRT monitor (for displaying some primary instruments)
- TrackIR 4 Pro
- CH Products Yoke
- CH Products Rudder Pedals
- CH Products Trottle Quadrant

I would like to build on this setup but as a retiree I don't have a lot of spare cash so I need to spend the money in a way that gives the most return (enjoyment). I am not a purist and I like to fly a variety of aircraft from GA to heavies.

I'm thinking of building a simple shell based loosely on the Roger Dodger Aviation "Universal Airliner" and keyboard modifications. I would also like to try building some switch panels based on Leo Bodnar's BU0836X controller.

I will soon be replacing the CRT monitor with an LCD monitor. Here is where I could use some advice. I could get another Dell 24 inch and put them side by side. That way I could use them together to get a wider view (probably at the expense of a big FPS hit). Or I could use the second monitor to display only instruments which will not have a big FPS hit. The other option (cheaper) is to get a smaller widescreen LCD (e.g. a 20 inch) and put it below the main screen. This smaller monitor would then only be available to display instruments.

Any suggestions (especially re the monitor setup) would be much appreciated. (question: Should I post this request for suggestions in another section of the forum?).