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Thread: Cockpit lights interface for PMDG 747-400 available now

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    Re: Cockpit lights interface for PMDG 747-400 available now

    Due to some work pressures and home strife with kids, I have not yet even connected the panels to my setup.
    I think it may be a couple of months yet before I get there.


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    Re: Cockpit lights interface for PMDG 747-400 available now

    WHo can made to ,me pic microcontroller USB HID interface,i no have and no understand coding thats.i looking internet many site how can make own hid interface to usb port simply, maximi 64 toggle switch and normal 8 analog+16 encored or 32 switch.
    but firs i need only switch box max 64(or 32)switch
    later all maxim 16 encoder card and later analog inbut. if need,i think no need newer.
    switch and encoders have important.
    who hace coder/programmer and made to me simple cheap pic microcontroller ?
    i pay chip+5 euro/chip .
    wery good price simply little work. i orden 2-5 switch chip first and many more later if need.
    USB HID pic microcontroller wery simple and cheap made and fast add to computer,no newer need expensive i/o and other special card,who need :O
    arduino can made same but no have board. and i no learn write code,no newer understand 5555
    if you want help my hobby, send mail to me matii43 yahoo point com
    im from Finland. no proplem post come ewerywere

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