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    Simulator Computers-where are they?

    Generally, the location of the computer(s) for your simulator are rarely discussed. So, here is an assignment:

    1. Tell where your computer(s) are located; for example, are they sitting on your desk (for desktop flyers) or on the floor? Are they on a metal or wood shelf? Are they rack mounted in a server cabinet?

    2. Tell how the computers are situated in relation to your simulator; for example, are they right next to the simulator or in the next room? Are they built right into the simulator?

    3. Tell if you're using the desktop case, tower case or rack mount chassis case: In either three of these, what cases are you using or think that do the best job for simulating based on cost, function and ease of use. If you're using chassis cases for a server cabinet; tell which ones you think work best based on 1U-6U

    4. Tell what issues you've had in dealing with cooling the computer(s) in relation to the simulator and the room; for example, does the simulator location have a high room temperature or low? Has it affected your computer(s) and what have you done to help it or make it better?

    5. Tell what issues you've had in dealing with dust or dirt in relation to the simulator location. Do you have a wood or metal shop in the same area as the simulator and it's computer(s)? If so, what have you done to filter the air, the simulator, or computer(s)?

    6. This is the most important! Please post photos of your computer(s) and how they're related to the simulator. Show how they're setup and the location. Add whatever photos that will help reveal this topic.

    Finally, this is the reason why? There are more than enough discussions and photos about the simulator itself, but little is said or shown in the way of the computers as a whole. Yes, there are lots of discussion about the "what should be inside the computer(s)", but what about where you sit them? You must determine things like cables (Audio/Video/USB/etc, etc.) and connectors based on where the computer(s) are located in relation to the simulator.

    Therefore, I ask you to post some information with photos. It's the "pictures are worth a thousand words" thing... Oh, if you're a neat freak or lazy geek don't worry, just post!

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