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UK Flight sim convention 2009
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Thread: UK Flight sim convention 2009

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    UK Flight sim convention 2009


    Anyone planning on going to the convention in May?

    Its at the Helicopter Museum, Weston-super-Mare.

    check out http://www/flightsim2009.com

    Living in Bristol, its on my doorstep so I will be there!


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    20 mins up the road so I will probably go.

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    I wish I could. I'd love to visit the UK. I'm afraid though, that I'd never want to come home.
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    UK Flight sim convention 2009

    I'm guessing it will be for Vista only,since most of the other games are going towards being vista only. I also really hope they have some cloud shading and it would be a plus if it included a free computer able to play it.

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    Re: UK Flight sim convention 2009

    I enjoyed last year's show, I hope to make it again this year.

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