Hello there. I am new to both OC and MyCockpit and had a couple of questions, though they may sound simplistic

My rig is only a basic one, with no ADDON cards/master cards/usb cards or cockpit parts, just an X-52 J/S, Win7 64bit

Firstly, I have just bought a 737Ng MCP, EFIS and NAV module. I am in the process of backlighting the MCP, and when finished, as it stands, Ill have to take up 2 power sockets to illuminate the backlights of the EFIS and MCP (The NAV module is backlit by USB) so to my first question. Is it possible to get the backlights to turn on when you use the panel/dome switch on the PMDG 738NG "in sim" panel (In much the same way as the digits on the MCP will turn on when the BATT switch (in sim overhead) is activated (Using the PMDG737_w/bat.txt script)

Secondly, I have to start 3 scripts once FS9 is loaded to get the 3 modules working. Can these scripts be rolled into one, so you launch the script and the MCP/EFIS and NAV module fire up?

Finally, if the backlight power cant be switched from the "In sim' panel/dome switch, as they are all 5v instruments, can I use an old switched PC power supply, so i can flick one switch, and all the backlights from the 3 modules will turn on?

Sorry if these are simplistic/basic questions, but just trying to minimise power point usage and wiring, so one swich operates all the backlights etc

Many thanks, Chris
Perth, Western Australia