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    Second build. Mooney Bravo

    Hi Guys,
    After looking and measuring literally hundreds of Bravo dash pictures, I think I have it right. Gauge and radio types vary from one aircraft to another but I went with an older model setup. I've just about have all my gauge stickers drawn up, the gauge rings made, and the cut measurements plotted out. Here's a picture of what I have so far. Is there anything you might feel I may have over looked? The red rectanges represent the 2 monitors I'm using.
    I'm going to draw up a HOBBS meter. I don't want any type of GPS (old school). I'm using both the HSI, because it's what the Bravo has, and a VOR1 to thread through the numerous MAO's in my flight area.
    Thanks for your input

    Edit. I think this is it. Time to break out the Rotozip. It's times like this I wish I had a CNC. I have three massive scanners in the shed. One day I'll have a CNC cutter.
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