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    FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

    For what aircraft can I use lekseecon?
    Only for the Level-D 767.

    Will lekseecon run at another PC then my FlightSim PC?
    No, lekseecon has to run at your Flightsim PC. This should not be a problem because the cpu load of lekseecon can be neglected, there is no visible negative impact on your frames per second.

    I miss function X (such as Duct Leak lights ...)?
    That's because X is not in the SDK of the Level-D. Everything provided by Level-D team in it's SDK is part of lekseecon. You have to wait for a next version of the SDK. But do note that it's only a very small part that's missing. It will keep you busy for a long time if you implement all of it.

    Can I use lekseecon together with FSBUS or Phidgets?
    Yes you can, use lekseecon 8.4 and run lekseecon_f.exe.
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