Doing some research while im waiting on switches to arrive for my overhead using this as an inspiration

I was using the Wilco 737 PIC but it is very limited due to no access to FSUIPC offsets, for my switch interface im using the GPWiz 40 from IDVT which is very simple but ive gotten all the pertinent functions in the Wilco to function with it. Before I go any further I would like to step it up a bit with leds. Originally I thought of just some DPDT switches with the leds on the second pole although the behavior wouldnt be realistic. Today I downloaded Prosim 737 and have gotten it to recognize my GP 40 board and can switch functions on and off. I saw people using it with the Default 737 for FSX and was wondering how well it interfaced with it? Since I dont currently have FSUIPC registered I cant figure out the offsets( which look horribly complicated to me)

So I was wondering would the addition of registered FSUIPC and the open cockpits USB outputs card allow me to have working Overhead warning and status lights? Im guessing with it along with Prosim 737 it would send back the correct state for the LED's?

Im kinda iffy on the Default 737 since the engine start logic seems a little flaky. But it seems the only way to go without using PM or PMDG which isnt available for FSX. Also any good reads on FSUIPC offsets??

Thanks in advance and ive been reading almost every thread gleaming info from all you