Could I float the question as to what is realistic force feed back for Ailerons in a nominal jet setup.

With a spring balance on the yoke, 17CM from center, to move the yoke to +/- 30 degrees, I have a nominal 4 KG as minimum for normal flight, this is just enough to enable the centering and overcome the damper.

My software can increase this to 9 then to a max of 18KG as in the test above.

Would this be realistic enough for "heavy" controls? ie, badly out of trim and over speed.

To me hanging on to the yoke at 18 KG is not something I would want to do for too long! I can feel for the bomber pilots of WW2 limping home with shot up aircraft. (Not what i wish to simulate) Just normal for a Boeing will do.

It seems to me making it any heavier will require some very serious hardware implementations.

reg Harry

I would also be interested in elevator and rudder weight ranges"