wow ! awesome forum. lots of information here. but i still have a few questions.

this is for users that own poldragonet products.

i am ready to do my purchase with poldragonet. but before i make my major purchase i need some advise from fellow poldragonet users.

right now i have the goflight mcp pro, saitek pro yoke system and goflight radios. as these have all the electrons built into them so they connect through usb.

now i am planing to get the mip, overhead and the efis panels (Boeing 737).
are any of you guys having any issues hooking these panels up to the electronics.
which electronics works the best with these panels.
also the above hardware that i have, are they compatible with the poldragonet products. meaing can i use my existing hardware with the new hardware.

i just want to make sure that i don't run into any major issues which will force me to sell the parts and go and purchase some other brand names.

and as for now i will be using the default boeing 737 in fsx.

and if you guys don't mind do let me know which electronics works best with the above hardware.

thanks for reading and see you up there.