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Thread: w7 and fsx

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    w7 and fsx

    well folks im not for sure where to go from here, im frustrated on the performance of fsx and w7.

    my system is a e8500, 4 gig, 280 hd, vid gtx285.

    i did not like the frame rate in xp pr0 64 so i went out and got w7 64 ult.

    i like it but it does not like fsx.

    i loaded the deluxe cd 1 of fsx, went through the loading process and then it ask for disk two , went thorugh that process and started the sim for the first time before i installed the first sp1 before i restart computer.

    when i started the sim, i opened it up and started the default plane.

    it opened up at a frame rate of 42 fps and then it froze up , nothing happened i would hit a key and it would react 15 seconds later or so.

    i exited out of the sim and loaded sp2 and restarted the computer.

    same thing happened again slow response of the sim and sometimes the sim would not even load, it would just sit there.

    now here is the funny part of this.

    i then go to start , all progarms to find fsx anf it is not there, in fact it is not even in the uninstall software area of the control panel.

    the only place i can find fsx on my computer is in c/, program files, microsoftgames, fsx, and that is the only area that shows that fsx is even on the computer.

    no desktop shortcuts or nothing. its not in all programs.

    on xp pro 64 it loade without a hitch and all folders showed up.

    i did a dump and load several times and i get the same results. i even reloaded w7 and the same thing over and over again.

    fsx will not run on my system with w7.

    intel dual core 2 e8500, 4 gigs ram, 280 hd, gtx nvid 285 1028 mem vid card.

    my system is not that bad and all i have is no shows with fsx and w7, as i said i do not know where to go from here other than going back to xp pro 64 and deal with 12 fps or lest with all of the add ons that i have .

    and besides i feel that upgrading to w7 to operate a sim that they made should work flawwlessly.

    so at this point i need some good advice on what to do , is there any one else out there with similar specs.

    oh and i have done all of the nicks tweaks over and over again.

    xp was good but i thought that w7 would be great fsx.

    am i missing something .

    w7 as a hold is great until i want to sim .


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    Re: w7 and fsx

    Hi Robert,
    I run Win 7pro and FSX.On my machine it appears under games in Start menu.It is installed in Program Files(x86) folder.Not the Program folder.
    Try and reinstall with CUSTOM OPTION and direct it to the x86 folder and see if that helps.I have a dual core P9700 with a GTX280m.Its in a laptop and
    i also have an I920,fsx installs in the same place.