Hi Guys,

I need some help with my FS X / FS2Phidgets system.

Here is my problem:

In the past, I have been running FS 9 in combination with FS2Phidgets (version 4.3.8 (not absolutely sure, not on my flightsim-pc at the moment)) and a network for Project Magenta. That setup worked fine until now.

The flightsim-machine is running on MS Windows Vista Ultimate (32 bit).
Phidgets libraries are from 2009, .net framework 1.1 is installed.
I found out that newer versions of the phidget libraries wonīt work with the installed version of FS2Phidgets.

Now I decided to switch over to FS X (registered version of FSUIPC is installed). Unfortunately, FS2Phidgets does not recognize FS X when it is running. Neither the Flightsim istelf, nore the FSUIPC version is shown in the respecive windows. I tried both a brand new an a somewhat older version of FSUIPC 4, the results are the same.

Next, I decided to give FS2Phidgets version 5 a try. Unfortunately, it does not recognize both FS 9 and FS X. Furthermore, it obviously needs a newer version of the Phidgets libraries, which (as mentioned above) do not work with my installed FS2Phidgets version 4: When I update the libraries, FS2Phidgets v. 5 recognizes my Phidgets hardware, but donīt connect to any of the flightsims. On the other hand, I canīt use FS2Phidgets v.4 any more, as the newer libraries donīt seem to work with it.

In summary, I am only able to use my older FS in combination with the older version of FS2Phidgets. With any other combination, I just canīt get any connection between the programs.

Now my question is:
Are there any known issues about using FS2Phidgets on FS X / MS Vista? Did I forget anything?

Thanks a lot in advance!


By the way: I am having a **** of a problem to get a stable connection to the MyCockpit.org homepage. All ohter internet works fine. Anyone else having problems, too?