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    The Cessna A185F Skywagon

    Hi gang.

    The 'A' - Amphibious 185 'F' model was the last of the series of Skywagons produced by Cessna. A rugged tail dragger in it's beginnings grew into a rather remarkable bush plane later in years. It's production run ended in 1985 due to declining general aircraft sales and further the FAA directives on tail dragger's. When Cessna once again began to focus on GA aircraft the 185 was left to the history books. HOWEVER...

    Carenado in his great passion for this little bird and to many like myself that went 'how come it took so long' hehe. Has brought the 185F back to life in all of the glory the FSX can muster. Although a float model is currently not available I have no doubt that one will come about as I read everywhere that demand for such a version is quite high.. I'm sure he can migrate already constructed floats over to a new bird easier that it could happen in the real world.

    From Cessna's standpoint they have left this bird behind so archival and internet info will have to do for research. Luckily there is plenty out there.

    The 185 is a stretched version of the 180. To allow for greater range and larger cargo capacity. I tried hard to find a POH/PIM of the 185F online but AFAIK non exist. So I'll be ordering a printed version shortly. The 180 and 185 share the same MIP and cockpit for the most part. It's not the model but the production year that makes all the difference in the MIP and YOKE and other cockpit amenities. From my digging into cockpits (our office in the sim world).

    The rudder peddles are the same so I can use the same plans I had for them in the 206. There mechanics are different from what I've seen the parts manual but I'm building my own mechanics so no worries.

    I'm going to work on drawings again for the 185 and try to get some interior dimensional data from that. I'm a bit of wide body myself (I'm working on it though - winter I tend to gain and summer I loose but this winter because I spent much of that time injured I gained more then I would have liked so this summer I'm going put a major effort into loosing (weight that is).

    The layout is a bit more plane (pardon the pund) then the 206. I'm still going to be able to have the GARSIM 530 (I've seen a 185 with that equipment). But other more basic radio equipment is in the offing this time. Hopefully easier to DIY. I was a bit intimidated by the amount of high tech in the 206. Not moving because of that but easier is well easier.. hehe

    Still undecided about the protective shield on the 185F MIP. It looks like an add on to the MIP. A way to perhaps retrofit lighting into the MIP without having to go behind the panel to do it. Each instrument then has it's own protective glare shield. I've even been able to find such shielding on Ebay (not a complete set though and it's for an earlier model).

    The Yoke..

    When I first saw the yoke for the 185. It kind of reminded me the first yoke for flight sim. The Virtual Pilot Pro (PDF). The 'Pad' would be a bit big and they have updated this to USB. I don't know if it's still available out there or not but I'm thinking I'll be making my own anyway.

    Alex drew this up a while ago.

    I'm going to get ripping into the 1985 Cessna A185F (minus the 'A' till Carenado comes out with the 'A' model) as there is still much to do. So stay tuned there is much to follow.
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    Re: The Cessna A185F Skywagon

    Does anyone know how to find out about up-lifting float doors for a C185F?

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