Hi Guys,

Been a long time lurker and have read tons, thank you for this great resource. I am in planning for my 737 cockpit and have stumbled on the above mentioned company. I wanted to see if anybody here has recently used their products. I am interested in their refurbished TQ for a 737 which comes in at about 8000 USD and refurbished yokes and peddles at about 8000USD. I have found some references to them here and while the comments were good about them the reference was to lower prices for the units, granted these references were over 2 years old. Has anybody recently used them ( pm me if you would prefer to not comment publicly ) and in todays climate does this pricing seem fair. I have the suspicion this company is a good one , im not out to buy " cheap " and then have some junk arrive but these prices are to my pocket expensive so just wanted to get some reaction from more experienced members , if only in private.

Thanks for any help you can give to a new builder