Well hello good folks out there i hope all is well.

went out and got the w7 64 bit and loaded it and i like it, in fact im not for sure what is going on.
i loaded everything and all the updates etc.

loaded FSX with the updates and loaded a default plane 172. and also loaded the default 747.

the frame rate was about 55 t0 60 fps. i have never had my fps that high so i know im seeing things

thats way to good to be true.

But here is what i need to know with th2go.

when im not in fsx and im surfing the net or doing things on the desk top.

what should be the resolution settings be set at, its now at 3840 x 1024 .
it has a streached look to it, even when i load fsx the entry icon is stretched.

i remeber with xp 64 in downloaded a tool from matrox that gave me differant settings like 3840 x 720.

i guess im asking how to set the reso with w7 64 bt and th2go .

so has anyone here have a set up with w7 64 bt and th2go that can give me direction