I wrote the following script to read the heading of a default 737 aircraft, but the 7segment display doen't seem to show the heading.
Var 0, name X_HDG, Link FSUIPC_INOUT, Offset $07CC, Length 2 
  &D_HDG = DIV &X_HDG, 182 

Var 1, name D_HDG, Link IOCARD_DISPLAY, Digit 0, Numbers 3
I also used a previews version of the sioc software, where I loaded a script file called fs_37.dat with sioc.exe and i notice that the default course value (that was set in the script) is loaded and displayed correctly on both the 7segment and flightsim 2004, but if I change the value from flight simulator 2004, the value on the 7 segment doesn't seem to update