Has anyone looked into or used this? http://www.thinkoutofbox.com/ I just got an updated price list for the owner and it seems reasonable. All the articles I've read list them at $1400.00 but that seems not to bee the case. The price is a little more then half of that for the 6 X 3 model. I thought about making my own but price wise this may be the better and faster option.

I have an all aluminum P-51 cockpit from firewall to end of the canopy section. I have TM controls and a flat screen instrument panel. I used a Fresnel lens in the early 90s over the CRT and I am now using a LCD projector in the rear projection mode on a screen at the end of my firewall. Space has become an issue so I m looking into the 4X2 TOOB display as an option for the outside image.