Hi everyone,

I have a pair of pfc jetliner 737 yokes and also a pair of pfc rudders.

im running xp, fsx, latest fsuipc, pm, and full 737 pit.

but....i plug in both yokes and both rudders and the pfc software sees nothing.

big green ticks on the right side for fsuipc, fsx, and the pm rcdu...everything else has a nasty red cross next to it....

fsx sees the yokes and i can calibrate in xp and with fsuipc...but then i get two yokes fighting each other and going crazy.

the com port in pfc software comes up automatically as number 1.

tried everything.

i was wondering about only having .net 2.0 installed?...should i go to 3.5?

help me please....so many sleepless nights.

Thanks everyone