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Thread: Wrong path flag for default scenery file

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    Wrong path flag for default scenery file

    I have been shifting my scenery folder around and after all things have moved I now get "Wrong path for default scenery file 157 "

    I have tried moving this up and down but it keeps coming up with this message. How can i solve it.
    Also what order should the scenery go in I have Altitude scenery and VFR Photo scenery for Uk + airports and then there is the default autogen etc.

    Any help welcome

    Thank you


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    Re: Wrong path flag for default scenery file

    (going by memory here, so some details could be wrong).

    Your scenery path's are controlled in scenery.xml, which I believe is in your Program Files/Microsoft Games/Flight Simulator directory.

    Make a backup copy of that file, then hand edit it, find the bad path, and try to fix it.

    Other alternatives would be to hit the "Edit Scenery" button, and try to fix the settings from within Flight Sim. Or you can delete that scenery from the list, and re-install it, if you have the original installer.

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