hello to all
i am running FSX,win7 64bit ultimate,wilco airbus vol1 and 2
i have some moduels to this is what is happening i start fsx and get in the cockpit

some times it mite crash when i press very fast the vrinsighr CDU1 buttons
entering my flight plan ,fsx crashas saying an error has occourd and starts from the start

Ifit dose not crash and i do my flight and when i am ready to exit the cockpit to go to fsx main page it crashes every time saying an error has ocourd and so on

it also crashed in the same way in flight when i was entering some data from atc to the CDU

All my programes are original and boxed!!!!!
it dose not do this on other aircraft only on the wilco airbus
i have done all what is on the support page at wilcos site
but nothing changes

i have no ideas left so help would be nice
even if there is a nothe airbus addon for fsx let me kow i will get it!!!!!!!!
kind regards spiro