Just wondering..

What mode are you guys running your FSX in...

Full screen or Undock view...

especially the people that have their fsx networked and using the main fsx computer for outside view... is it running in full screen mode or undocked mode..

Well, the reason why I'm asking is cause currently I was running my fsx main computer (for outside view only) in full screen mode..

but when I open up the GPS (Shift-3) and drag it to my other monitor (I have a dual head video card DVI/VGA)I can operate the GPS on my 15" 2nd monitor.. But when I exit FSX and go back into the defauly fight, the GPS is displayed on my main outside view monitor (even after saving the flight before exiting)..

but when I run in undocked mode, and save the flight to as default, and load it up the next time, everything is as it was like before..

So, thats why i'm wondering how is everyone running their main FSX outside views and people with network computers with external gauges etc..