I have flown MS FS since the very first version, so I know my way (roughly) around it by now!

I'm also a low-hours lapsed UK PPL/IMC holder, and the nearest I get to aircraft these days is through FSX. Therefore I intend to build a basic and economical but functional GA cockpit.

My favourite aircraft is the RealAir SF260, but most simple or wobbly-prop equipped GA aircraft are fine. Also my son enjoys FSX, both GA and airliners; he is quite happy programming FMC's, therefore whatever we build may have to double as a turboprop/jet passenger aircraft.

We'll use aircraft virtual cockpits plus some hardware. I have in mind the following:
Saitek ProFlight radios, switchgear, pedals, yokes and throttle quadrant
The VRInsight Micro Propit (GA)
A multiscreen configuration

A quick question if I may? Does this sound a reasonable cost-effective set-up that is compatible and reasonably easy to configure?

Best wishes,