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    Learn more about your FS video card(s)GPU-Z

    I read a lot of posts regarding users video cards and questions that they're looking to find answers for concerning those cards. Usually, it's questions dealing with connections or internal workings of the cards. Sometimes, the post will have details about the card, as the user already knows this information.

    However, others don't know very much about the card or where to find data about it. Therefore, here is a link to a free program I found on the internet a while back that will provide you with all the data you seek about your video card(s). It's called TechPowerUp GPU-Z (now in version 0.3.6). In using this, you could post all the data about your card with your questions and thereby, helping others to give you answers.

    Here is the link:

    1. Direct Download Link

    2. Main Web Page Link

    Finally, you'll find an amazing amount of data at TechPowerUp, so give it a look when your thinking about computer hardware for your next big Flight Simulator Computer...
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