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    Post Flyware FsXPand Releases Version 5.8

    MyCockpit ®NEWS: Flyware FsXPand's New Release
    Flyware has now released version 5.8 of FsXPand. This version offers new features for Navigational Display such as : import FS 2004 flightplan, import FSX flightplan, show FP magenta lines in ND, key commands for previous-next waypoint, PLAN mode added as panel #7 in pfdnd and pfdnd_1024, EFIS key command added Press BARO - inches to hp vv EICAS, EICAS Thrust Mode annunciations, EICAS fuel low, EICAS fuel imbalance. The new features in the PFD include Flight Mode Annunciations (simulated), AI Align analog and buttons, Aileron trim analogs and buttons, Rudder trim analogs and buttons. More information can be found on Flyware FsXPand's Website
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