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    Whiskey compass HELP!


    I am working on a whiskey compass for a 737 maturing cockpit project.
    I am using a Mitsumi stepper motor and a Opencockpits steper card. Therefor SIOC is the software platform to run it.
    The stepper motor is a 7,5 steper.
    I was inspired by Manuel Velez whiskey compass tutorial and video.
    The steper motor and the cogs came from several riped off printers fax and other scrap equipments.
    What happens is the following.
    When started the motor turns two full revolutions to calibrate and stops.
    I adjust the compass by hand to match the Flight Simulator airplane compass. What hapens when the airplane moves is that the physical compass does not move fast enough to match the airplane compass.
    I have share a few thaughts with a fellow builder that told me that I have too many cogs. From Manuel Velez stepper card manual the steper motor should make 3500 steps per whiskey compass full revolution.
    So as my compass turns two slow and I have removed a few cogs and made it simpler. The steper is now making around 570 steps per whiskey compass revolution. It still turns two slow. I have played around with the speed of the steper but it still produces the same slow pace.
    I am stuck and do not know what to do next.
    Is there anyone that as a nice and easy tutorial that explains how to achieve this? I would love to see it working. Apparently this is a fairly simple project.
    Is there a tutorial in the forum I did not see.
    All help is most welcome.
    Best regards,
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