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    Schweizer Helicopter Sim 1st Steps

    So I made a start this week with some test set ups.

    Some parts have arrived (namely switches and push to test annunciators) So I hooked those up to a 12v supply and put them in a test panel - pretty simple stuff I know, but I'm taking baby steps with this. As you can see I have a master/batt switch and can light up the low voltage indicator light. The push to test also works.

    -A QUESTION - Do you normally hardwire your switches to a bus powered via the batt switch or do you let the software and interface card control it? For example, nav lights wont come on with the batt switch off, but fsx/interface knows that and doesnt send a signal when you play with light switches with the batt off.

    I decided to see if I could modify my saitek rudder pedals to be anti torque pedals. So far so good. I took the pedals off and toe brake pots out. I then reduced the height of the tension disc in the middle so that my mechanism can move inwards and clear the height there. - Plane pedals are much further apart than helicopter pedals. Next step is to epoxy and paint black. None of this will be seen. I will box it in or put a rubber boot over it. Pedals will attach into the 1/2 inch openings I have left.
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