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I can get so p-eed off (the moer in as we would say in SA), by people who do not read ad's properly, buy stuff from you and then complain that they are not satisfied with what they are getting.

I recently posted an ad in the classified section of some surplus Hispa/OC panels that I was selling. I clearly stated that the buyer would be getting exactly what was in the picture, NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS!!!!! I received several reactions and 'reserved' the panels for the first interested person to contact me. The transaction went smoothly and a day after I had received the payment I posted the package off.

This evening I get an email telling me that I had omitted sending several parts of the panel as it is supplied by OC/Hispa. I replied politely and mentioned what I have written above about the picture and the statement about what the buyer was getting as well as including the original picture.....
and I received another email telling me that I have not handeled correctly because I should have mentioned that it was not a complete set of panels as supplied by Hispa or OC.

Sorry, . but I feel that I handled 100% correctly by specifically stating that the buyer would be getting nothing more or less than on the picture.


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