Hey guys. I'm working on a simplified captains-seat A320 simulator right now, and now that the overhead panel design is nearly finished I've moved onto the pedestal.

I plan to use a CockpitSonic radio managment panel, TCAS/ATC panel, and ECAM control panel. These are nesecities in my oppinion.

I've built myself an A320 throttle quadrant, and have the speed break and flaps levers taken care of, as well as the parking break switch.

However the other parts are stil a mystery to me.

Is the audio control panel worth purchasing for use in the simulator? How about ECAM switching, WX radar, and Cockpit Door panels?

Thanks for the help guys! I'm hoping to get everything moving along into a more final stage now, and the first step of that is to figure out exactly what I need to buy/build.