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1) I retrofitted a Precision Flight Controls Cirrus II (2)?, Serial I/O, Flight Training Device using his card. It had exactly enough Inputs to accept all buttons, pots, and switches to make this previously obsolete item usable, with X-Plane even.

2) I am constructing a 737NG type Overhead using his card.

This card is no doubt my favorite piece of kit. And I've barely scratched the surface of it's potential.
Yup, this card is just plain gold on a PCB. I retrofitted an original Thrustmaster RCS. With one, and did a prototype pedal set with another:

Feet rest clutch, brake, throttle. Prototyping was done for choosing angle and position of the pedals for the next multi pit. Allowed me to discover that:
I really dont like 'hanging pedals' prefer the 'rising' style. Angle were perfect. wood is good for prototyping but complete rubbish for the final version. screw get loose all the time and all other sorts of play appear. Pot are not to be bought on the cheap, even with moderate use, the throttle pot was to be changed every 7 days. Replaced with hal sensors. And I prefer extra wide brake pedals.