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Mike's Flight Deck Books -Press Release-
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    Post Mike's Flight Deck Books -Press Release-


    Building Recreational Flight Simulators

    The way we experience flight sim applications is limited by the keyboard, mouse, game controller and video display. The homebuilt flight sim hobby grew from a desire to transcend these limitations. A well executed home sim provides a vastly enhanced virtual flight experience, but developing such a sim calls on many different skills: working with wood, metal, and plastic; electronics; and programming. The complexity can be overwhelming.

    Building Recreational Flight Simulators is a guide through this complexity. It is both an introduction to the hobby and a reference for advanced development. It covers all components of simulator technology, calling attention to those aspects which are important in supporting the flight illusion and creating an outstanding virtual flight experience.

    The book includes many projects to illustrate topics and to demonstrate construction techniques. Each project is fully documented with dimensioned drawings, schematics, parts lists, printed circuit board artwork, and commented software listings. However, there is no assumption that the reader will be interested in always building flight deck components. The book also provides pointers to a variety of potential “purchased solutions”.

    Chapter list:

    • Recreational Flight Simulators
    • Joysticks
    • Control Yokes
    • Pedals
    • Engine Controls
    • Position and Force Sensors
    • I/O Options
    • Computer Drawn Instruments
    • Using Real Instruments
    • DIY Instruments
    • Scenery Display
    • Panels
    • Switch Inputs
    • Warning & Status Lights
    • Interfacing with MSFS
    • Sound
    • Simulator Enclosures
    • Motion & Force Cueing

    608 pages, 7” by 9-¼”, trade paperback. For more details, sample chapters, and ordering information please visit Mike’s Flight Deck Books at www.mikesflightdeck.com/upcoming_book.htm

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