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    Anyone going to Airventure 2009?

    This will be my first AirVenture, Im a newbie when it comes to being a fan of airplanes. I was heavily into modifying turbocharged japanese cars, but found I couldnt afford that hobby so I looked into flight simming. Now Im into wwii combat flight simming, building wwii model airplanes and going to airshows. All of the money Ive spent on my flying hobby alone has been cheaper than a single turbokit for my MR2 Turbo so atleast its affordable (granted Ive never flown an airplane before which can get expensive)

    So I was wondering if anyone else was going to Wisconsins Airventure 2009 this year? I plan on going with my father, gonna have to sacrifice $150 worth of pay to make it this year, but Im sure it will be worth it.

    My dad, who has over 400 hours piloting airplanes, says that all the pilots hes talked to, Airventure is the Airshow that you want to go to, something like the Mecca for flight enthusiasts, if you go to one airshow in your entire life, its Airventure 2009. Were driving probably 500 miles to get there.

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    Re: Anyone going to Airventure 2009?

    Unfortunatley Im not going this year. But I went for the first time in 07. It was one of the greatest airshows I have ever been to. There are two things i regret not doing so i will pass them onto you.

    1. Lots of Aircraft manufacturers allow you to sit in the demo plane. For some reason i only sat in two of the many many many planes that i could have sit in. Along this same line beign a simpit builder I should have taken more pictures and took a tape measure.

    2. I booked a flight with the B-17 and me and my friend who lives right there in Oshkosh decided to cancel our reservations. WHY I DONT KNOW . So if you can manage it defintley try to take some flight while there.

    There are some great booths there too. There will probably be some simpit booths setup. Talk to the guys who are running the booths they are usually very friendly. Especially Austin Meyer, he will talk about not only Xplane but his Corvette too. LOL At some of the booths they offer you Aeronautical Maps I was able to get NC, Oregon and Virginia. I did not get more because i did not realise they did that until later in the day a few hours before i had to leave. There is a wealth of info and planes to look at.

    Mike G.

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