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737 yoke finish
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Thread: 737 yoke finish

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    737 yoke finish

    How is the finish versus the real deal? I like the finish i got using a product called Bengalack, hard metal like surface, but shape is all wrong though.
    This one looks more like rubber, but i might be wrong... again. Can it be painted over?
    Has anyone got a little review?

    The real (picture from airliners.net):

    ThrottleTek (picture by Roberto):

    My work (picture by me):

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    Airbus Re: 737 yoke finish

    You can search here on Mycockpit.org Forums there are several costumers using our Yokes! And I can guarantee you they are not rubber and yes tehy can be painted over.



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    Re: 737 yoke finish

    Had a a few mails back and forward with Roberto and I'm convinced.
    If anyone would link to posts with pictures of it in use I would sure apreciate it.

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